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PVC/UPVC Pipe Production Line

PVC/UPVC Pipe Production Line
Product description

UPVC Pipe Production Line consists of high speed mixing group, conical twin screw extruder, moulds, Vacuum diameter calibrating cooling water tank, haul-off, ink printer, saw cutter, stacker, ect.

The line applies unique screw design, which features with short remaining time for materials in the barrel, and good compounding and plasticizing effect. It adopts reduction box of super quality, with nice outline, stable running and low noise. Finned ceramic heater for barrel heating and air cooling system bring precise temperature controlling. Vacuum degassing system can get rid of moisture and volatile gas from the materials and guarantee the super quality of products. Main motor applies silicon controlled DC speed regulator or variable frequency speed regulator, which provides stable torque output and step less speed regulation. It is suitable for the processing of PVC or UPVC powder.

Main technical parameter for PVC/UPVC Pipe Production Line


Pipe size (mm)  Extruder model  Production capacity  Extruder main motor 
¢16-63  SJSZ51/105  120 kg/h  22kw 
¢63-250  SJSZ65/132  240 kg/h  37kw 
¢200-450  SJSZ80/156  500 kg/h  75 kw 
¢315-630  SJSZ92/188  750 kg/h  110 kw 

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