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PVC glazed roof sheet machine

PVC glazed roof sheet machine
Product description

PVC glazed roof tile/sheet machine is a new type extruding device for uvioresistant and glazed PVC roof tiles, which adopts the co-extrusion technology to process the double-layer at one time.
Surface ASA or PMMA material: Super weather-resistant resin, ensure the product’s durability and chemical resistance;
Primary PVC material: White tough material, can increase the sense of space and brightness.
Antique plastic glazed tiles are smooth and beautiful in appearance, and boast a particular and unique modeling, strong and pliable texture, durability, fire resistance, antifreezing, corrosion resistance, good weather fastness and protective color can effectively resist to acid rain, heavy hail and other severe weathers. Meanwhile, compared with traditional clay tiles, it is easier to transport, install and recycle.
PVC glazed tiles are mainly applied in slopes transformed from flat ones, hotels, villas, mobile houses, garden pavilions, resorts, home and other building roofs. It is a new and environmentally-friendly roofing material.
This production line also includes the heating oven, the hot press, moulds, which are used to manufacturing of main ridge tiles, oblique ridge tiles, tee joints, terminals, etc.

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