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Company Profile

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Qingdao Keshengda Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd (herein after called Keshengda) is a professional manufacturer and exporter of plastic machines. Its main products include plastic board and sheet production line, plastic profile production line, plastic pipe production line, WPC product production line, plastic strapping band production line, plastic pelletizing machine, auxiliary machines, etc.
Keshengda focuses on the introduction and training of personnel. It has gathered a number of technical personnel with many years of working experience in the R&D and manufacturing of complete sets of plastic processing equipment and therefore has a profound understanding to and abundant experience in plastic extrusion process, plastic machine design and plastic machine performance. In the mean time, Keshengda boasts a powerful technical force and perfect inspection measures, integrates advanced technology advantages and precision production devices into a whole. Relying on abundant design and manufacturing experience, state-of-the-art production equipment and process, strict quality assurance, scientific management and rapid and efficient services, Keshengda constantly makes innovation, develops new products and explores new markets.
Our products with CE certification, ISO9001Quality Management System Certification as well as qualification test reports (QTR) issued by the local quality and technology supervision bureau are exported to Europe.
Keshengda always follows the tenet of “Integrity –Quality-Service First”, ensures the high quality and high performance of every plastic machine production line and serves customers heart and soul. Until now, Keshengda has provided its products and service all over China and has extended to Europe such as Russia, Estonia, Hungary, Turkey, Asia such as Viet Nam, Philippine, etc. We welcome all old and new customers to come to visit our company.


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