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COD pipe production line

COD pipe production line
Product description

COD is abbreviation for corrugated optic duct. COD consists of several inner cable tubes and outer tubes. It adopts the method of fitting the produced inner pipe into the outer pipe through process of reproduction. Both inner and outer tubes are made of HDPE high density polyethylene with high elasticity and the outer tubes can wind around the wrapped pipe frame well although equipped with many inner tubes.

COD characters:

●Anti-Pressure: COD products in special spiral shape increase the anti-pressure capacity of traditional PE straight pipe to as many times and raise the effectiveness and elasticity; therefore they can ensure the security even in earthquake and collapse etc.

●Chemical resistance, strong durability, strong acid and alkali resistance, better water resistance; When laying in the sea and wet land, the product can be corrosion resistance and it is semi-permanent pipe.

●Insulation: It is ideal cable tube due to its high insulating quality.

●Resilience: Because of the thread processing, COD can curve freely to 90 degrees hard and even greater degrees, without any special tool to curve or stretch. The product can make the round of barrier at the job site. Due to the excellent single wire design of inner pipe and low coefficient of friction, it is very convenient without joint and kinking problem; meanwhile it prolongs the distance between holes.

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